Marketa Bankova, also known as Marketa Maf, is an author, artist and experimenter combining various disciplines.
The topics of her books are the mysteries of the natural sciences, which she approaches through fiction. Quantum mechanics, genetics, neuroscience and hypnosis are presented in the everyday setting of interpersonal relationships, often incorporating black humour and a touch of the absurd.
In her bestseller The The Magpie in the Realm of Entropy, (awarded the Magnesia Litera Prize), she brought physics to the attention of readers in a literary form, while in her novel A Little Thing (awarded the Czech Book Prize), is a novel from the milieu of biological research, and explores the genetic origins of our behaviour and the motives behind our family relationships. Marketa Bankova is represented by Prague Literary Agency.

Holding a degree in Fine Art (Printmaking and New Media, her student page) from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, she provides her own illustrations to her books.
In her work as an artist she also crosses the boundaries of multiple genres. Markéta experiments with these innovatively, most notably in the form of net-art. Her New York City Map (, an emotional walk through New York, is a forerunner of Google Street Maps, with the difference that the included photographs are presented in the context of authentic sounds and diary entries from NYC. The Scribble program ( amounts to something like a visual commentary on the CNN webpage, which it covers in real time with digital drawings reflecting the content of the current main news items.

She is now working on botany and chemistry through her perfume project Space Fluid.
Although she still uses technology, she is returning to traditional manual methods and communication outside of the online environment. Space Fluid aims to bring back the individuality of a scent as a hand-made piece of art. The scents are created not only to be worn, but also as an independent sensory experience that evokes emotions.
In the past, she gave a talk about the experimental novel Mesto.html and wrote about books that we should not only read but also smell. She likes that the ability to smell something is now one of the few things left that can't be replicated online.

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